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Vibrational Energy Medicine for the Mind, Body and Soul

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Hello and welcome

My passion to work with people and the body, expands into my desire to understand who I am, on a deeper level, mind, body, emotion and soul. There is no separation as everything is connected.

When you are inspired and connected to your happy self, inspiration floods your heart and soul.

About me

Enjoy the journey into your own awesome life and if you still feel like you would like to know more about how to create this for yourself, step into sharing space with me, for I will welcome you with an open heart.

Ka Huna Massage Bodywork

Ka Huna massage is also known as Hawaiian Temple Style Massage and Lomi Lomi. This speaks to having a holistic approach to rejuvenation, healing for body, heart, mind and soul. I believe the best approach to healing is self love, awareness & prevention.


One of the greatest Reiki healing health benefits is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the bodies natural healing abilities, and improves and maintains health.

Sacred Feminine Mentor

These sessions are individually and organically curated and created, meeting the needs and desires of each woman, as she steps into profoundly claiming her sovereignty and power in the Divine Feminine. As a support and mentor I will be the guide to assist you in following your own intuitive compass. Available online or in person.

Womb Wellness Medicine

As women, the womb holds the key to our creativity and is the void from where all creation is born. Even our dreams. Over Eons, as women we have been suppressed in the essence of our Sacred Femininity and within our womb temples we hold so much ancient knowledge for the flourishing, though there is often also much trauma held in our wombs too that can be blocking or suppressing our own flow and expression.

Sacred Heart Activation

If you are wanting to tap into the intelligence of your own hearts wisdom and maybe you feel you need heart healing or to gain some clarity or direction, these sessions will allow you to open up to more of yourself and drop deeper into your bodies wisdom, allowing huge heart opening and love for your Divinity as a woman. These sessions are predominantly carried out online though can also be in person.

Divination Drums + Workshops

This workshop is an invitation for you to step into sacred space together to raise the vibration, as a collective, in a beautiful creative space, reignite and bring to the fore, your own birthing experience through creation of this potent tool of wisdom, your own unique medicine drum.

Prenatal Belly Art

Prenatal Pregnancy Belly Body Art is a unique bucket list experience including a photoshoot.
As women often put ourselves last, before everyone else in our lives, this is an opportunity to completely honour and embrace your sacred femininity. Each woman to have experienced this has expressed how empowering and transformative it has been for them. Memorialise a moment in time by celebrating pregnancy in a different way. The themes & photography provided are designed to suit your style & needs.

Light Language|Meditation|Sound

Light Language catalyses activating dormant DNA segments, opening the third eye, and reconnecting with one’s mission, purpose, power, and true soul essence.

That feeling that something is missing

….. goes away when you lead a passion-filled life. The need to seek our purpose comes from a lack of passion. When you don’t feel connected to your life, and you are energetically out of alignment in body, mind and soul, you lack purpose and passion. To rekindle this purpose is a easy as inviting and creating new ways to empower you in your life by feeling this natural drive of your passion.

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