Transformational offerings of service

The variety of services that I offer are briefly described below. If you wish to learn more about any particular service, click the title of the brief description of services below to be taken to a FULL description of each service. There you will be able to see pricing and booking options.

To ensure you receive exactly what it is that you are needing, I have listed all online and in person services in the table below to make it easier to navigate for you.

Sacred Feminine Mentor Package

Womb Wellness Medicine
Sacred Heart Activation
Metamorphosis Mentor + Integration Session

Sacred Soul Painting + Reading

Ka Huna Massage and Body work
Vibrational Sound Healing
Meditation + Integrative Art
The Beauty Way – Embellish, Empower, Esteem
Prenatal Belly Painting
Hot Stones Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage
Medicine Drum Making Ceremony (Workshops)

Ka Huna Massage and Bodywork

Ka Huna massage is also known as Hawaiian Temple Style Massage and Lomi Lomi. This speaks to having a holistic approach to rejuvenation, healing for body, heart, mind and soul. It is deemed that one of the best approaches for healing is self love, awareness & prevention. To Embellish Your Life is to bring medicine for the mind, body and soul in synergistic effect. To be in alignment with self is ultimately what we all need to live a fulfilled, healthy, empowered and an abundant life.

Ka Huna Bodywork is a form of Ancient Hawaiian massage that has ability to bring forth an awareness, (whether you are the recipient or facilitator) to broaden your understanding.  It is a gateway that enables one to stretch your conceptual boundaries of body, mind and soul.

The principles alone completely embody what it is to BE who we are meant to BE.

To understand more about this practice, please read more on the Ka Huna Service Page.

Womb Wellness Medicine

As women, the womb holds the key to our creativity and is the void from where all creation is born. Even our dreams. Over Eons, as women we have been suppressed in the essence of our Sacred Femininity and within our womb temples we hold so much ancient knowledge for the flourishing, though there is often also much trauma held in our wombs that can be blocking or suppressing our own flow and expression.
This can be trauma from past relationships, denial of our own power, being oppressed, dominated and controlled, past life and lineage traumas carried through in our DNA , lack of boundaries, penetrated with out consent or willingness to fully receive.
Depending on what arises for you, you may also need the continuation of support and mentoring to assist in unravelling and opening through the layers of what may emerge from the depths of your womb.
Embrace the light, the dark, the cycles, reclaiming the wisdom and power of the womb well and yoni portal in connection to all in complete, wholesome, richness and full embodiment of BEing human. Of BEing woman.

Sacred Soul Painting + Reading

Sacred Soul Paintings that are channeled through for you, are a beautiful way to connect with your soul in a unique way. I work with Spirit and create through layered art form to discover to the energies available to you. The dimensions are created on A4 paper of high quality, as I am guided I am drawn intuitively as to what materials and mediums to use. I work with many mediums like soft pastel, acrylic, mixed media and water colour. So it could be any or a combination of a few.
The artwork takes on a form of its own, as I allow my intuition to drive this expression and bring forward Soul Guides, Totem Animal Spirits, Arch/Angels, Elemental/Etheric beings, Transcendental and ancestral energies and the messages they are here to share with you.
Highly personalised A4 sized Sacred Soul Painting on 300gsm paper
Channeled messages and guidance from the energies that have come through
Cost (AU$) – $333 plus postage
(Payment Plans Available)
Cash, Direct Deposit, or Paypal
paintings are done remotely as it can take several hours to bring your piece to life.

The Beauty Way - Embellish, Empower, Esteem

This unique offering is a incomparable experience individually reflecting you.

It is a call for you to step in to the greater expression of yourself, which ultimately comes through removing all masks and stepping into embodying the sacredness of your essence as a woman. This can bring about such a vulnerable state of being but wholesome and empowering in the same vein. Embracing all of you, as you are, your body becoming the canvas that tells the story.

What this looks like is very different for every woman. Some love to be embellished from head to foot with full body paint, with some creativity and sparkles thrown in to accentuate a theme or overall design.

Others may like to take a more subtle approach and opt for only a torso, or upper chest/face region. Whatever your edge or facet of comfort, it truly is positively, a calling to step beyond previous measures and into grounds you may have secretly wanted to explore but not dared to dream this BIG before.

Sacred Heart Activations

If you are wanting to tap into the intelligence of your own hearts wisdom, ignite your passion or wish to nurture a tender heart and need heart healing or aim to gain some clarity or direction, these sessions will allow you to open up to more of yourself and drop deeper into your bodies wisdom, allowing huge heart opening and love for your Divinity as a woman.
These sessions are available remotely via Skype.

Medicine Drum Making Ceremonies

Journey through the creation of your own sacred drum.
Be guided into deeper resonance with life. This workshop is an invitation for you to create an intentional connection with your heart and great spirit as you take this rite of passage and awaken your own inner medicine.
The drum making process is an opportunity and realisation to the birth of the self. It is an opportunity to deep dive and authenticate your true hearts call, as you unwind and re-weave your deepest of intentions as the medicine of the drum.

Prenatal Belly Art

Prenatal Pregnancy “Belly Art” Body paintings

Maternity Memorabilia

Parenthood  is a time of celebration. Welcome your beautiful infant into this world by embellishing your Pregga Belly Bump.  Pregnancy deserves to be celebrated!! Prenatal Belly Painting is a wonderful, special and momentous way to celebrate you in your journey of Motherhood. It is different, an invitation to step beyond your edges as an accepted art form of  you as the 3D human canvas.  Give yourself permission to, possibly dare to embrace yourself in a way you never would have thought to before, step outside of the confines of safety, open to vulnerability and pamper yourself with a design that is exclusively unique to you and your new baby.

Hot Stones Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Hot Stone massage utilizes various sizes of heated stones which are placed at specific points on the body to provide deep penetrating heat to relax the muscles and reduce stress. Active massage is also performed on the client with the heated stones.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage (otherwise known as Kahuna massage) is no ordinary massage; it is a merging of body, mind and spirit and is traditionally performed to honour the body as a temple of the soul.  Temple Style Lomi Lomi massage and is very different from a normal massage.  The massage seeks to rid the body of physical and mental stresses, and free up the energy flow. This is done with a combination of prayers, breathing techniques and intuitive long flowing massage strokes, flowing hula, tai-chi style dance movements and incorporating the huna breath.

Vibrational Sound Healing

Sound is one of the most powerful healing modalities in energy medicine; not only does it have the capability to help you reach your core frequency, but it also connects you to your higher energies (and, thus, Source). Sound healing helps to fine tune your vibrational frequency.

Yogananda wrote, “Sound or vibration is the most powerful force in the universe. Music is a divine art, to be used not only for pleasure but also as a path to God-realization. Vibrations resulting from devotional singing lead to attunement with the Cosmic Vibration or the Word.”

From a physical perspective, vibrational sound healing, actually causes the release of melatonin, endorphins, and nitric oxide, relaxing your blood vessels, reducing your heart rate, and slowing your breathing, resulting in a much calmer, more relaxed you, courtesy of sound!

During a session, I am guided intuitively as to what tools to use. The tools of choice are medicine drums, singing bowls, chimes, bells, rainstick, rattles, tuning forks, and voice (toning). Other tools and techniques used throughout the session is the use of oils, crystals and reiki.

Sacred Feminine Mentor + Facilitator

Recognise yourself for who your truly are and learn to embrace yourself wholly and soulfully as a Divine Woman.  Understanding yourself on a deeper level, unravelling all that binds you, learning to be in flow and let go of what no longer serves you provides a phenomenal foundation and capacity to step fully into your power and essence as woman, to create a life that leads to excitement and pleasure. One that has you leaping out of bed to embrace each new day, to live the life you were born to live.

This is an invitation to dive deeper and to lean into all of your edges in a deeper conscious level?
Understanding yourself in this way allows you to work on strengths and build up on the other areas that you are potentially lacking.

Reiki Healing

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. So Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy.” A treatment session feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you.  Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well being.  Many people have reported miraculous improvement in their well being or emotional states after having reiki treatments.

Reiki is a form of natural healing that promotes the body’s natural healing ability and well being by channeling the universal life force energy.  For a reiki treatment you will be fully clothed and lying on a massage table in a position comfortable for you.

Your therapist then places their hands in different positions on your body that promote natural healing (over different Chakra points).  The placing of the hands usually starts with the hands on the head and then progresses down the body ending with hands placed on the soles of the feet.

The touch used is very light or can be given with the hands just above the body.

The feelings experienced by people are all very unique.  Mostly people have an overwhelming feeling of relaxation by the end of the session.  They may report that the reiki practitioners hands felt warm or cold or a feeling of pulsing energy can sometimes be felt.

I also bring Reiki energy to the wonderful method of Ka Huna Bodywork and incorporate reiki energy through my hands as you experience your time in session with a wonderful massage of bliss and healing that is truly unique.

Meditation and Integrative Art

There is a simplistic approach to life when we can really tap into our own souls truth and find expansiveness via going inward. Hence why I offer this.
During these sessions or workshops, you will be guided on a somatic journey to tapping into your bodies divine intelligence to then map out what arises through art. You do not need to be an artist to experience the transformation + healing that can come each of these sessions.

You should know…

Melanie Hughes, a Psychosomatic Therapist can assist you to get to the core essence of YOU together with your willingness.  Through therapy consults, and utilising practices of the following modalities such as Emotional Release Bodywork, Kahuna Bodywork, and Reiki you will have significant breakthroughs.


Have you ever wanted to know the answers to any of these questions………..

Do you know who you are?

Do you know why your body is in the shape it is in?

Do you want to know how to create your own reality where you can witness your authentic self?

Do you know if you have the power to do this?

Ask yourself…..”How can I be the artist of my own life?”

Well only you can paint that picture.

Ask yourself this…..

What is it that I really need?

What is it that I really want?

What kind of friends would I like to be with?

How would I like my work situation to look and feel like?

How would I like to express myself in my time off work?

What kind of relationships would I like to have?

What would I like to do for my health, for my body?

What would I like to do for my mind for more positive thinking?

Am I living my life on purpose?

So do you really know why your body is in the shape it is in?  You may have the answer for this, or think that you do but what I can reveal will lead you to understand yourself in a completely different light.


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